Thursday, April 10, 2008

Regarding Screen Doors Hitting Asses 

Randi Rhodes, who will be leaving Air America Radio, will be remembered primarily for her awful "comedy," her lame political analyses, her boderline-deranged megalomania, and her tendency to taunt and bully perfectly well-meaning callers because they fail to properly entertain her or parrot her talking points.

She will not be missed.

I continue to enjoy the Rachel Maddow show on AM 1600 weekdays from 6-8. True, Air America recently added a third 8-9pm hour to Maddow's show; but in keeping WWRL's principle of providing listeners with the worst available programming, that third hour has now been superseded by a new show hosted by Al Sharpton (8-10pm), followed by the Alan Colmes show (10-12).

Why do they go on?


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