Thursday, May 08, 2008

AmCop's first ever Harmo Klinto Election Deadpool 

AmCop is announcing the Hillary Deadpool. Here's how it works:

Using the PayPal link below (can we get a Google Checkout link?), you can send in $5 for each day you'd like to bet on. If Hillary announces that she's dropping out on the day you buy, you win the pool.

You may also buy the options "Not announcing withdrawal" and "Becomes the Democratic nominee".

All days between now and up to and including the last day of the Convention are purchasable.

If two or more people purchase the same day and that day is the winner, the winnings will be split evenly among them.

Please also list your dates in the comments for the sake of transparency and accountability. We will be posting updated charts of the betting.

Betting closes for each day at midnight the days starts EST.


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