Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Artwork of the day: "Winds of Change" 

In case you ever find yourself in the Houston airport... excuse me, the George Bush airport... sorry, the George Bush Intercontinental airport... as I did this past weekend on a layover from Tucson, you might stumble upon this statue located about midway down the C terminal.

It's a man, seemingly forged out of bronze, or perhaps carved out of milk chocolate, or maybe slapped together out of poo, standing erect, jacket flung rakishly over his shoulder, a jaunty/swishy lean in the left knee, while clutching a book. Meanwhile, a mighty wind whips his tie and jacket to windsock stiffness, as he gazes proudly (squints myopically?) into the middle distance (which in this terminal is approximately a taco joint and a "Fox News Channel" store).

The man? The airport's namesake, George H.W. Bush. The illuminated displays behind him? An illustrated chronicle of the Bush family's achievements. The work's title? "Winds of Change."



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