Saturday, May 24, 2008

McCage a kind of Buddha (if the Buddha had an alabaster, misshapen head and dizzy spells when standing up) 


During his first presidential run, eight years ago, McCain disclosed hundreds of pages of records to reporters as he sought then to counter what aides called a "whisper campaign" questioning his mental fitness. In those records, medical personnel concluded that his years in prison, including solitary confinement, left him with no psychological wounds. Aides said McCain has had no mental evaluations in the past eight years.

So let's see:

1) He gets tortured in a cage for five years and walks out with "no psychological wounds." I'm reminded of that David Foster Wallace story "Girl with Curious Hair," whose narrator is evidently unaffected by the ingestion of LSD.

2) Hasn't seen a shrink in 8 years.

Now that's what I'm lookin for in a president!!


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