Monday, August 18, 2008

Romania kicking butt 

It was cool to see that Romanian woman win the marathon, especially since she's 38.

But how great was the totally shattered look on the face of that creepy little brat Shawn Johnson after the Romanian girl snatched away her gold medal in the last act of the floor exercise final?  The Romanian was obviously superior, despite being from Bucharest, where dreams don't come true, as they inevitably do in West Des Moines, Iowa.  Even that Russky pro-American hack Bela Lugosi (or whatever his name is) wasn't quite willing to assure Bob Costas that the corrupt, Chinese-influenced judges had once again stolen a U.S. medal.

Maybe try a few less of those McDonald's "Southern style" chicken sandwiches next time, Shawn!  (Have they always had 16-year-olds doing television ads while competing in the fucking Olympics?  Didn't this shit used to involve amateur athletes?)


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