Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speaking truth to power 

So Harry Reid just gave a speech.  His opening line:

"The history of the past 100 years has been a toxic mix of oil and war."

Great line, I thought--now we may really hear something of substance.  What, I wondered, would Reid have to say about the U.S.'s--and specifically the two Bush governments'--role in this toxic mix?  

The answer came moments later.  The result of our unhealthy dependence on foreign oil has been that we've "been attacked by oil-funded terrorists at home and by oil-funded insurgents in Iraq."

That's the upshot of our addiction to petroleum: that WE'VE been attacked.

It was time, noted Reid, to "speak truth to power" about this issue.


The Dems' evening of "national security" is really heating up.


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