Friday, August 29, 2008

wherein i urge blog unity 

Hope, change, co-opt our popular discontent for your corporate-authoritarian empire, blahdy blahdy blah. But this! This shit is endlessly fun, entertaining and completely worth every single second of anyone's time. Finally! Some excitement!:

Palin has foreign policy experience because her state is close to Russia!

We get no less than sixty days of this stuff! Palin justifications, McCain home-in-a-cage videos, anti-old people humor, watching right partisans tie themselves in knots, watching media whores tie themselves in knots trying to maintain a semblance of balance!

American news culture is gonna go full retard! It's truly an historic election! This is a crucial moment! A turning point! Everything is at stake!

This is going to be a very quotable next two months. Vast, hinted at but as yet untapped reserves of comedy gold. We may be finally able to end our addiction to foreign jokes and secure a safer securer safetyMerica! Fuck you, British sitcoms!


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