Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why is the convention like this? 

They are delivering a message that they have tested as best they can in polls and focus groups in order to win over voters in specific places and demographic groups.

In a related effort, they are trying to turn the underlying "media narrative" to their favor.

None of us reading this blog are members of the targeted voter groups or people in a position to alter the media narrative.

Thus, they do not give a fuck what we think or whether we like the convention.

Other questions:

Will they be successful in regaining control of the media narrative?
I don't know.

Are they doing a good job of appealing to those specific voters?
I don't know.

Have they chosen the right groups of voters to appeal to?
I'm not sure.

Would it be better to use the convention to advocate radical changes to the structure of our economy and society?
Probably not in the short term, as this could cause them to lose the 2008 election.

Will the Democratic party ever bring about radical changes to the structure of our economy and society?
No, not ever.

Does that mean that a McCain administration would be essentially the same as an Obama administration?
No. Obama will use death, war and fear as a policy instrument only when it is needed to ensure American dominance over resources and trade. McCain thinks war is glorious and romantic and will send us into bloodbaths just for fun. Also, McCain and his wife are too ugly for TV, whereas Obama looks great on TV and his wife is pretty hot. As our hot First Lady, she would be the first ever FLILF (or FILF?) in American history. (Unless you count Jackie O, which I don't.)


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