Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Both campaigns are freaking out; new McCain ad a vile crime against what little decency and dignity remains in America 

There are no words for this.

McCain's got a new ad out accusing Obama (utterly falsely) of wanting to promote sex ed in kindergarten. With the implication clearly being that Obama is some sort of Negroid criminal deviant who will smoove-talk his way into your innocent daughter's knickers (or pull-ups?).

There's only one response to this. Obama should literally challenge McCain to a duel.

Totally sickening. It's not just that it has no basis in fact whatsoever. It's the ugly, ugly shit that is obviously being implied here. It's so over the top that it makes Willie Horton look like constructive criticism.

If there is any decency left in this country (and I'm not claiming there is), this will backfire and
cost McCain the election.


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