Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Depression by Monday?? 

This is what McCain is claiming. If Obama doesn't let him ride into Washington on a white horse (and I do mean a WHITE horse) and play the hero for all the cameras, there will be "a Depression by Monday."

McCain advisors say they will do all the debates but the schedule is up in the air. They also deny that there is a political calculation in this and say without action the country could slide into a Depression by Monday and added "we'll see 12 percent unemployment" if action is not completed.
Give me a fucking break. Depression by Monday? It's 4:15 now and the Dow is down 29 points. When does the 12% unemployment hit -- Tuesday or Wednesday?

You know what IS plummeting right now? McCain's numbers in a slew of statewide and national polls. Also Sarah Palin's approval ratings. Also the likelihood that his own campaign manager, who has apparently been running some sort of extortion or graft racket on the side, will continue to remain working on the campaign.

Just like when he picked Palin, McCain senses that he's in his losing position and his first reaction is to overturn the chessboard.

Finish the game, loser!!

So far the Obama people are reacting correctly by saying, nope, we can handle both and Friday's debate is on.


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