Monday, September 01, 2008

Exit Palin? 

What will happen next in the best reality programming since the original Survivor?

My grasp of this story has been all over the map; it's hard to make sense of a storyline that flies from pillar to post in hours.

The latest word inspires in me the following crackpot theory:

Maybe, having been denied the right to choose his pals Lieberman or Romney, McCain chose Palin as some kind of crazy kamikaze fuck you to the religious right, whom he's battled for years.

"I can't have one of mine? Fine, let's give her a try and see how it all shakes out. Happy now, guys?"

At the current rate with which these Palin stories are coming out, one wonders if she'll even last through the week.

Then McCain, utterly and finally severed from the "base," will at least get to choose who he wants. Maybe he is a maverick, after all.


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