Friday, September 26, 2008

Ha. ha. ha. 

Brooks the apologist. Straining a bit?

"If McCain is elected, he will retain his instinct for the hard challenge. With that Greatest Generation style of his, he will run the least partisan administration in recent times. He is not a sophisticated conceptual thinker, but he is a good judge of character. He is not an organized administrator, but he has become a practiced legislative craftsman. He is, above all — and this is completely impossible to convey in the midst of a campaign — a serious man prone to serious things."

This is too good. What a shame that it's impossible to convey seriousness in the midst of a campaign! Otherwise, I'm sure we would see it, and not a demented, reeling nutcase of a hopeless wreck of a politician.

With my Greatest Generation style laugh, I say HA, HA, HA!!!!


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