Thursday, September 25, 2008

Help me understand. 

So as of 10:30 on Thursday morning, the bailout bill "is basically done" but McCain, who had supposedly suspended his campaign to hurry back to DC on his white horse, is still in New York where he is giving what is basically a stump speech.

Has McCain done any work at all on the bailout since his noble, self-sacrificing announcement nearly 24 hours ago? We know he's not in DC. We know he spent a significant chunk of his time on Wednesday NOT engaged with the bailout but instead chatting with crazy Lady Rothschild. Then, after his big statement, we know he went straight to a $5,000 makeup session, then he gabbed with Katie Couric, then slept overnight in New York, and as we speak he is jacking off donors at the Clinton Global Initiative, also in New York. By the time he gets to the White House photo op this afternoon, the deal will be done.

How can he claim he saved the day? How can he provide the tape loops the TV media will need in order to push the storyline that he galloped in on the white horse to save Country First?

(BTW doesn't Country First sound like the name of an ineptly run predatory lending outfit?)

Also, the campaign is not suspended. Palin is holding a campaign rally this afternoon in Philadelphia. The McCain ads are still on the air.

Someone just help me understand how he thinks this will work out. I realize that he's the Republican nominee so there is no shortage of talking heads to spin this. And I am not about to start celebrating his final defeat or anything, nor am I counting on average voters to see this clearly or fully or in an accurate context.

But, seriously, what is his actual plan?

If he fails to swoop in and claim credit for saving the bailout, will he vote yea or nay?

Why does he even want to be the one putting the debate on hold? How does he think this will enhance his public image?

Is this all just a convoluted way to rig expectations for the debate?

Help me understand, somebody.


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