Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jean d'Arc and the Cracken 

Any time someone wades back into the realm of analyzing the deep structure of the relationship between media representation (the teevee) and fascist power, American style, it warrants special attention, since this is a subject that has interested AmCop since back in the day, in fact our very first post, by speakingcorpse, about the fantasy of many Californian GOP men to be raped by the Governator.

In this case, I just wanted to bring back an excerpt from Abote's post below:

I suppose McCain's new idea is to batter and disgrace Palin so thoroughly, to make her such a complete victim, that she is transformed into something pure and innocent and holy. Kind of like Lacy Peterson, but still alive, or like Terri Schiavo, but conscious, or like Elizabeth Smart, but older and not so Mormon-y.

and then a comment from Que Queg:

Abote, you've tapped into something truly terrifying, because this case is different. In other examples of female victimhood, the women were dead or unconscious or teenaged, but in this case we are being asked to vote for one of the victims. If it is calculated it seems that the GOP is going one step further than winning support by scaring voters about guns and gays; they're trying to exploit something deeper and more perverse -- what I would argue is titillation by the victimization of a woman and the impulse to mask the arousal by screaming that she needs to be "protected." While attacking the media, the GOP has stolen from the media's playbook. Sadly, the Democrats have very little to do with this -- it's a game the media and the Republicans are playing.

Thoughts welcome.


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