Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick trot to Left Field 

Seemingly unrelated to our usual pileup of campaign outrages... Letterman goes on a "rant" about the environment.

And yet it is related. Nothing could be more emblematic of our current sickness.

One of the very purveyors of neverending distraction and denial suddenly decides to actually state the truth. It can only come out as a "rant," an interruption from the usual, presumably "calm" stream of TV utterance. Yet such a crack in the spectacle could only arrive as a declaration of certain defeat-- we're fucked before we've even started trying. This in itself is only more reassurance.

The entire episode is an analogue of the pessimism surrounding Obama and the election. The culture industry simply cannot wait until we're fucked and there's nothing left to do-- until things are beyond repair. It's actually doing something about the situation that is truly anathema.

So, when are we going to PA, FL, etc etc???


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