Sunday, September 07, 2008

Same bullshit 

This post-convention moment is critical.  If I remember correctly, it was here in 2004 that the swift-boat damage had been done, the spittle-flecked bloodbath of the RNC was over, Bush bounced comfortably ahead, and Kerry never caught back up.

Now, what do we have?

McCage has bounced ahead of Obama.  Not to the double-digit extent of the Bush bounce lead, but still, Obama is supposedly the frontrunner in this election.

Sitting senators not even working for McCage (e.g. Inhofe) are slandering Obama--free attacks from your colleagues!  Will Jon Tester or Jim Webb step up and do the same for Obama?  (Will they, while they're at it, point out that Inhofe is a raving lunatic?)

Palin has free reign to slander Obama and lie about herself and McCage.

--Hillary won't go after Palin.  (Has Hillary done fucking anything since the convention?  Do people believe she wants Obama to win?)

--As Josh Marshall notes, Where the fuck is Biden?  Isn't this his job?  What is the presidential candidate doing this work for?  It's not his job and he's not good at it!

--Palin investigation is neutered; she won't be subpoenaed; Alaska politicos have decided to circle the wagons rather than have their in-house takedown of Palin go national and disrupt the McCage campaign.

--Palin doesn't have to answer questions from anybody...until she's ready!

--The media honeymoon for Palin may not go on forever, but it still goes on.  Front page of WaPo website:

Palin's Politics and Family Blur
VP nominee's most compelling public persona is that of a coiffed and charismatic working mother.

Isn't that great??


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