Saturday, September 06, 2008

silly brown people 

Just heard about a bit of NYT awesomeness on FAIR's Counterspin. In an article discussing the Afghan government's desire to control US forces which just killed 90 people in an air raid, the article explains:

Heavy-handed bombing raids and house raids, which are seen as culturally unacceptable by many Afghans who guard their privacy fiercely, and the detention of hundreds of suspects for years without trial at the Bagram air base and Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have stirred up Afghans’ strong independent streak and ancient dislike of invaders.

Bombings and house-raids, killing and terrorizing people, are really just invasions of privacy! If the Afghan culture weren't so touchy about their privacy, there wouldn't be a problem here.

Detention without trial is also bound to "stir up" (like a hornet's nest?) people who live in these primitive cultures that value independence and autonomy. If these Afghani insects would just fucking chill, this would all be ok.

Why can't these sand-niggers understand that their attachment to outdated values like independence, autonomy, and privacy is archaic and preventing them from truly joining the global community? How fucking uncivilized do you have to be to get so upset about a little killing, terror and occupation? Everyone else on the planet has adjusted their culture accordingly to make killing of innocents completely acceptable. What is wrong with these people?

You didn't hear our President nattering on about guarding our privacy when we got bombed, did you? No one here was the least miffed about the major privacy violation of the three thousand 9/11 dead. Fucking Afghan babies.

Also of interest on Counterspin is a discussion of the police repression in Minneapolis and why it doesn't make the news. The conversation starts at minute 10.


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