Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's script 

[Open on grainy, jerky handheld footage of pretty white woman cowering in bathroom as masked attacker breaks down the door]

FEMALE NARRATOR: Unbelievable. As mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin made rape victims pay for the medical exam needed to gather evidence. No other town in Alaska did this.

[Pull quote of Alaska governor in newspaper: "Only Wasilla"]

FEMALE NARRATOR: What was she thinking? Does she want rapists to go free?

[Shot of Sarah Palin looking happy and nonchalant and smug]

FEMALE NARRATOR: And now look at John McCain. He's attacking Barack Obama for taking action to protect our kids from child molesters.

[Grainy stock footage of fleeing children with pull quote of NY Times editorial slamming McCain ad; washed-out clip from McCain ad on TV fades to picture of McCain and Palin mugging and grinning like they couldn't give a shit]

FEMALE NARRATOR: What's with these two? Aren't our leaders supposed to keep our families safe? What on earth are they thinking?

[Words appear on screen as read.]
FEMALE NARRATOR: McCain/Palin. Out of touch. Out of their minds.

UPDATE: Framed another way:

Sarah Palin and her Washington lobbyist got a $3.2 million earmark to study the DNA of seals.

But if you want to get the DNA of the monster who raped you in Wasilla? Tough luck, honey. You'll have to pay for that yourself.

Sarah Palin. Wasting taxpayer millions on seals while rapists go free.


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