Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The only way Palin can be useful to the GOP now. . . 

. . . is in her role as Alaska governor. Here's part of her statement in which she (finally) calls for Ted Stevens to "step aside."

“He needs to step aside and allow our state to elect someone who will
be supportive of those ideals of America – the free enterprise, the
missions that we’re on to win the war, those things that have got to
take place in order to progress this country,” Palin added in an
interview that aired this afternoon on CNBC. “Ted Stevens has got to
play a very statesmanlike role in this now.”

Read that carefully.

"Allow our state to elect someone who will be supportive of those ideals of America."

I'm going to assume this isn't an oblique endorsement of Stevens' Democratic challenger.

Is she talking about replacing Stevens on the Nov. 4 ballot, less than a week from now? Or she talking about Stevens stepping aside now, Palin appointing a Republican replacement now, and just tossing aside the Nov. 4 election for his seat in favor of a "special election" down the road?

I say this not knowing what Alaska law has to say about this. BUT -- I feel extremely confident that Sarah Palin also has no clue what Alaksa law says about this. I think it is almost certainly her desire to use the Stevens conviction to upend an election that a Democratic candidate now seems poised to win. And she is the governor of that state.


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