Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama making big mistake 

Qualifying, maybe taking back, what I said in the thread below about Obama's willingness to eat shit (i.e., tolerate Senator Joseph I. Lieberman).

So-called "doves" are apparently excited about the HRC Secretary of State "cool event."
They say she is committing to "bringing peace to the Middle East." Here is Steve Clemons:

More dovish experts are also excited about the prospect of Secretary Clinton, albeit for slightly different reasons.

“Her top, top, top advisers told me, ‘Steve, she will animate things in the Middle East—she will deliver a Palestinian state. Gold-plated,’” said Steven Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington. Mr. Clemons also noted the irony that Mrs. Clinton potentially would be tasked with preparing the road for the direct negotiations with antagonistic foreign leaders that she excoriated Mr. Obama over during the primary. “She criticized him so much for going to meet foreign leaders without preconditions; now she is the one who is going to have to go and get all the preconditions sorted out.”

Unless Obama really has her under his thumb, the idea that HRC has anything to offer on the Middle East is much less plausible than the idea that Joseph I. Lieberman has anything to give to the Democratic party.

A Palestinian "state" brokered by HRC will be a gift, "gold-plated", for Israel -- and will thus lead to another 50 years of murder and mayhem.

If you're wondering why, consult previous discussions on AmCop about the Oslo process. Unless there is a radical -- read: impossible -- change of perspective, there will be more Oslo and more death. HRC is crazy and ignorant enough, as was Bill, to try to shove a non-state down the Palestinians' throats.

The bottom line: East Jersusalem must be Arab, must be part of Palestine. But it is surrounded by a ring of settlements and suburbs in which 300,000 + Israelis now live. Unless that massive settlement ring -- which few in Israel even acknowledge to be settlements -- is dismantled, there can be no two-state solution, thus no Palestinian "state."

The only way out is a single state, on the model of South Africa.


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