Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post-Bush Stress Disorder 

Am I the only one suffering from occasional bouts of PBSD?

On November 5, millions of Americans found themselves, in Frank Rich's words, "emerging from an abusive relationship" into a new and uncertain future that they were hardly capable of believing in only 24 hours earlier. For PBSD sufferers, the thrill of having won the election persists but is also accompanied by a creeping recognition that they have spent eight years protecting themselves from traumatic Bush-related abuse and from a complete understanding of the extent of the damage they suffered.

Symptoms of PBSD include weird surges of anger, triumph, joyful weeping, disbelief, panic, generalized anxiety, emptiness, weird repressed sensations of trauma, and dull stomach pains caused by realizing that the future has finally arrived and you are totally unprepared for it.

I am sure that others out there have PBSD.

Can we sue somebody for this?


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