Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama paving way for more massacres 

Jonathan at Tiny Revolution notes the amazing fact that the truth about the Middle East was spoken briefly on Olbermann's show recently. Former diplomat Hillary Mann Leverett explains to the ignorant Olbermann that Obama and Clinton are alreadying covering themselves with Palestinian blood:

OLBERMANN: The other thing that will change, if not on the 20th then shortly thereafter, is the identify of the secretary of state. And here is Hillary Clinton coming in to the middle of this with a last name certainly that is, to some degree, magical, influential at least in the Middle East. How is her appointment going to shape Obama`s efforts for Middle East peace? And how will it be received by both sides in the Middle East?
LEVERETT: Her name is magical and influential to an extent in Israel. But throughout many capitals in the Arab world, where I served at the US embassy in Cairo and in the Gulf, there is a lot more skepticism that she is going to be even handed. There is considerable fear about the advisers that she is going to bring with her, people like Martin Indyk or Dennis Ross, Ken Pollack, people that I would call neo-conservative fellow travelers, people who brought us a failed peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians by the end of the Clinton term in 2000, people who cheered and championed the invasion of Iraq under this administration.

There is a lot of fear and consternation that the advisers, in particular, that Hillary Clinton is bringing with her are going to make us long for the Bush days.

Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk are criminals. Asking them to mediate Middle East peace is like asking a pyromaniac to work as a fireman.


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