Tuesday, January 06, 2009

make lemonade! 

Shit is grim. Nauseatingly, dizzyingly, repulsively grim. In light of the fact that shit is grim, I'd like to take this space to point out some not so grim things.

The following are three very good things that Obama has done so far: Panetta, Olis, and Johnsen. As much as liberalism sucks, its still a step up from conservatism. Although honestly I'm not sure if Panetta turning the CIA from dysfunctional to functional is really an improvement.

So good on ya, Barack. Just be sure to get that EFCA thingy through and we'll take care of the rest.

I'd also like to take a moment to upbraid, scold, and chide my comrades on the loony Left for getting their dander up about Obama's silence on the Israel horror. It's really disingenuous, hypocritical and tactically retarded. Shut it. Why?

a) What the fuck did you think he was gonna do? You've been pointing out all year that he's up Israel's ass and now you're scandalized that he's not condemning the massacre? Do you listen to yourselves?

b) He's not even Preznit yet.

c) Since he's not Preznit, if he said what you want him to say it would do approximately zero good and only give Zionists and their allies room to mobilize against him while he's relatively powerless.

d) It would be beyond retarded to mobilize people against you when you're not even fully mobile yourself. This is a clear cut case of the retarded being the enemy of the good.

e) Either you've got a systemic analysis or you don't. Either you think on balance that structural factors are more decisive than individual agency or you don't. Either you think real change comes from social movements or you don't. Every second you spend in the bourgeois psychoanalytic navelgaze pondering who the "real" Obama is or what he's gonna do is a second you could have been spending organizing. Every second you spend hectoring other people trying to get them to see through him is a second you could have spent making him do what you want. Leave that useless irrelevant tea-leaf reading individualist shit to the liberals.

f) Everyone please shut the fuck up. No really. Please.


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