Thursday, January 22, 2009

not intending to piss in the punch bowl, it just works out that way 

So all the new Obama actions are great, and politically clever to boot. He's already followed through more than a mall full of Promise-Keepers. FOIA reversal, pay freeze, ethics/lobbying rules, Gitmo suspension, Iraq drawdown meeting. Yippee.

Although we're two days in and I'm still sans pony. What the fuck? Did you actually have to vote for the guy to get the pony? Memo, me, did not get.

Two things though: Calling Mahmoud Abbas? Oy. I guess you have to, it's not like Hamas has working phone lines at this point, but...oy.

The other thing is: Nouriel Roubini is claiming China reported 0% growth and is in a recession. I'll have to do some reading to see what connects to what in our awesome Rube Goldberg global economy, but at first glance it would seem a little worrisome. Doesn't China own our country? If they slide isn't that...a total catastrophe?


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