Friday, February 27, 2009


Obama announced his withdrawal plan today and it looks very very good. Many people are upset about the 50K "residual forces" troops that will be left behind, but considering the political, economic, and military situation this is creating momentum toward the rest of them being gone. Unless Iraq explodes it will be very difficult to increase troop levels and total withdrawal will come to seem inevitable.

So 100K troops leaving over the next 19 months. Then between August of '10 and December of '11, everyone else leaves as per the Status of Forces Agreement. As far as I can tell, that means everyone: troops, mercenaries, contractors and bases closed or turned over to Iraqi's.

If that is what it means then this is really awesome news. Really fucking great. Unbelievable.

Not only that, but apparently he's also restoring progressive taxation with the new budget. So as the heads have been saying, if that passes Reaganism is dead. Also tentatively great news.

I can't even imagine a world in which Reaganism is dead. I mean, I've read about it in history books, but living in it? Mind. Boggles.

Also awesome: Al G. explains the future.


Of course:

'From 1882 until 1922, the British promised the international community 66 times that they would leave Egypt, but they never did.'

D'oh! Well, at least I got to feel vaguely good for a second!


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