Monday, March 09, 2009

are we there yet? 

Martin Wolf plays Creon in the FT as we approach Capitalism's anagnorisis:

Another ideological god has failed. The assumptions that ruled policy and politics over three decades suddenly look as outdated as revolutionary socialism.

Only in this version, upon learning of his crimes Oedipus struggles mightily to keep his throne. Probably a lost play penned by the bastard child of Euripides and Aristophanes.

I particularly like the "editor's choice" sidebar which featured:

In depth: The Future of Capitalism
Comment: A failure to control the Animal Spirits
Editorial: A survival plan for global capitalism

"Animal Spirits" !!!!!!

Tomorrow in FT:

In depth: Whaddrewegunnadoooo?
Comment: Must...control...the...bad...magic!!!
Editorial: No seriously, whaddrewegunnado?

I love the smell of capitalist ideological disarray and existential panic in the morning. Smells like...possibility.


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