Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bush era not over 

When an arsonist lights a house on fire and the firefighters show up and debate whether to use water or foam on the flames, and then pause from the debate to assure the gathered residents of the neighborhood that it is not really the arsonist's fault, adding that the residents are wrong to assume that the firefighting activity implies a condemnation of the arsonist's act, it is safe to say that the consequences of the arsonist's act are unfolding without sufficient constraint.

An avowed racist and ethnic cleanser becomes foreign minister of Israel today.

The economy has already crashed, and even if it is somehow restored to functionality, the world-historical theft has already occurred and the attendant death-sentences across the world have already begun to be executed, and will continue to be.

Barack Obama likes being president too much; he kisses too much ass; he is too cautious; he acts like this is a delicate game; he has not tried hard enough to put out the fire.


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