Sunday, March 08, 2009

Steep decline 

Ok Scats, you may be right-- perhaps they are already harmless/charming.

Hilarious, appalling, etc. Rightly located in the NYT's "Fashion and Style" section.

If the Republicans are so desperate and brain-dead that they will trot out a ringer for the kid from Freaks and Geeks, then Obama has a lot more leeway than the networks are letting on. From Bobby Jindal to Sarah Palin to this poor, home-schooled specimen to Rush to Michael Steele to whatever cuddly animal with speech the party comes up with next, two things are clear: they are in the Baroque phase of headline-begging, in which any absurdity will do, and their messages are utterly devoid of substance and can only be uttered by parrots and fools.

Why do all these idiots lose out? W. wore out their welcome before they even popped up on the screen. One human flapjack will do per generation.


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