Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Dear Leader:

Now, I know I've had a good time this week dogging these people for their ridiculous conventions and "tea party" protests, but let me switch gears and double-back on my own side for a second. Now that Rush has got everyone on the right openly hoping for Obama to "fail", everyone on the left is falling over themselves with outrage over such perfidy. Excuse me, but I'm going to call bullshit, like you didn't hope Bush would fail miserably, I know I did...mission accomplished. Like you didn't want to vomit every time some TV-approved "liberal" would couch any criticism of Bush with, "Well, I support the President and our troops...etc., etc." Of course they want Obama to fail, it's their right and duty, if he succeeds they will die long before the right-wing even sniffs power again in this country. Do we really need to pull the patriotism card? Fuck patriotism, that's their bag, and I'm more than happy to let them dry hump Uncle Sam all they want. In every other country in the world patriotism is called "nationalism" and every civilized nation on the planet has learned to hate and fear it with every fiber of their being.

I'm glad that the right-wing is sowing their wild oats now that they're out of power. Now that they don't really control anything, their wild-eyed protests against "socialism" and talk-radio wank sessions have ceased to be scary, and are now just amusing, and a little sad--like watching retarded children. Most people on the right are on the right because of a failure to rebel against authority, usually a parent or some other equivalent authority figure early in life. The right-wing can largely be explained by this primal failure. Indeed, I think one of the reasons "the sixties" remains such a bogey-man for the right is their palpable and manifest jealously over all the fun other people had. So I'm thrilled that they're getting out into the streets with bull-horns and home-made signs in hand, openly condemning their democratically elected government, along with more than half of their fellow citizens, and pledging to resist, subvert, undermine authority, and re-create '68 all over again. It's a start. I'm hoping that when Obama busts his Commander-in-Chief cherry in Afghanistan or Pakistan, that Rush and others will openly hope for defeat and dishonor on the battlefield, I know I am.




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