Wednesday, April 15, 2009

News Blackout/Tea Parties 

I don't have TV, and for whatever reason I haven't been reading the blogs lately, or even much of the newspapers, and have been getting all my news from public radio, which I have on all the time while I pace back and forth and ponder the irreality of my life.

A few nights ago the excellent Tom Ashbrook of "On Point" did a segment on the new right-wing hysteria, and played multiple clips of Glen Beck and his ilk basically inciting the populace to violent revolution.

Then, watching a rare moment of MSNBC at the gym, I got the gist that all people who watch cable news have been hearing about for some time are these alleged Tea Parties.  All Tea Parties, all the time.  Except some time given to joyful/maniacal affirmations of everyone's desire to personally shoot a pirate in the head.

I'm not sure what my point is, other than that I guess I'm glad I don't have TV.

UPDATE: The pirates failed! The pirates failed! The pirates failed!!!!!


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