Wednesday, April 22, 2009

paging Mr. DeBord. Mr. DeBord to the white courtesy phone 

Joe Bageant's essay on our national Matrix isn't exactly, well, chock full of new ideas, but for someone like myself who has lately been feeling a bit beset and narcotized by his own image-addiction habits, it was a worthwhile read:

No matter how smart we may think we are, the larger world cannot and does not exist for most of us in this room, except through media and maybe through the shallow experience of tourism, or in the minority instance, we may know of it through higher education. The world however, is not a cultural history course, a National Geographic special or recreational destination. It is a real place with many fast developing disasters, economic and ecological collapse being just two. The more aware among us grasp that there is much at stake. Yet, even the most informed and educated Americans have cultural conditioning working against them round the clock.

h/t Ethel The Blog

Plus, Wow. I can't even tell what the Barton thought the "gotcha" was:


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