Wednesday, May 06, 2009

why can't we have nice things, dear? 

As someone interested in Leftist aesthetics, such as they are, I was gratified to see the redesign of the new Institute for Anarchist Studies website, which looks pretty darn sharp by my lights, although I suspect some with more refined tastes would disagree.

Provisionally, until friends with better taste weigh in, I'll throw it in the pantheon of cool looking (or at least rising above the general level of turdlike) anarchist things like the IWW and Crimethinc. websites. I'm not a big Crimethinc-er myself, but they do make stuff that's nice too look at. Too often lefty and specifically anarchist stuff is just kinda crappy lookin' and not in a very good way either. Which is a shame, because who wants a poorly designed revolution?

For anyone with similar preoccupations, or even idle interest, there's also a very good blog that is keeping an eye on such things. (rimshot)


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