Saturday, July 11, 2009

you can get so much done in the summertime 

Whoops, another "sacrifice":

The Senate Finance Committee (SFC), in an effort to make health care into a bi-partisan effort, is considering a restriction on abortion funding with the passage of health care reform. This could mean not allowing a public health insurance plan to cover the cost of abortions for women.

So here's a fun game that will keep us all amused until next year: Try to name a substantial progressive policy goal that will not get thrown under the bus by the Hoover...er...Obama administration. EFCA and healthcare are already at around 90% probabillity of total disaster. So they're out. Expansion of settlements in Palestine? Noop. Reining in Wall Street? Uh uh. Passing a sane energy bill? Mmm...nah. Gay rights? Military tribunals? Permanent presence in Iraq? Torture? Bueller?

Let's see...hm...maybe there's...nope, damn. I'm drawing a blank. Anyone?


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