Thursday, August 06, 2009

Concupiscent Curds 

So, holed up in the western PA redoubt, I recently got my annual dose of cable news entertainment.

I turned on the teevee on Tuesday and saw an MSNBC "analyst" of some sort reference Hofstadter's "The Paranoid Style in American Politics."

Then on Wednesday I turned on the teevee and saw Chris Matthews calling Bill Clinton "The Emperor of Ice Cream, like the guy in the poem."

That's an awful lot of litrature for the cable news, isn't it?

I was wondering what script-writer fed Matthews the Wallace Stevens reference--and why--until I revisited the poem and thought for a moment about its famous opening line and what follows:

Call the roller of big cigars,
The muscular one, and bid him whip
In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.
Let the wenches dawdle in such dress
As they are used to wear...

Ah, the roller of BIG CIGARS. I think I get it. Remember that whole thing with that CIGAR? Of course you do, We all do!

And as to the CONCUPISCENT CURDS and the DRESS...well, I think it's clear where that clever MSNBC newswriter was going with this.

You can fly wherever you want, Bill, working your good works, but there will always be a cigar, and always a stained dress!


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