Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One has to appreciate the few moments of genuine humor that the health care debacle has provided.

Lefty lifestyle points in conflict!! Does one help save the environment by savoring the top-shelf Manchego that can only be found at this apparently Republican den of organic and free-trade iniquity, or give in to one's less alternative, less exciting, and surely less taste-buds-zingin' liberal side, which might prefer that health care be extended to all and to thus not add overpriced dollars to the coffers of machine gun-wielding protesters at town halls.

This is a clash of values on par with some of the most torturous in recent memory. Feminism v. indigenous cultural rights in the female circumcision debate, human rights v. humanitarian intervention in Kosovo, and now this. Will it be farm-raised Shitaki-cilantro-herbed Artic char, or the bland inner satisfaction that comes from fealty to single-payer? Man I'm not even sure if I can go to work today!

Most interesting is that WF has clearly been anti-union since its inception. Didn't seem to bother anyone until now...

I vote... BOYCOTT!


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