Friday, August 14, 2009

Sign letter to the Israeli Consulate re: Ezra Nawi 

From Ezra Nawi's supporters:

Without international intervention Israeli human rights activist Ezra Nawi will most likely be sent to jail.

Ezra Nawi has been active for years in the area known as South Mt. Hebron. The Palestinians in this small desolate area in the very south of the West Bank have been under Israeli occupation for almost 42 years; they still live without electricity, running water and other basic services, and are continuously harassed by the Jewish settlers who constantly violate both Israeli and International law, and are backed by a variety of Israeli military occupation forces, all of which operate in an effort to cleanse the area from its Palestinian inhabitants and create a new demographic reality in it.

Nawi's persistent NON VIOLENT activity in the area is aimed both at aiding the local population in its plight to stay on their lands, but also at exposing the situation in the area to both the Israeli and international public eye. The latter is very much not in the interest of the Israeli settlers who complain that Nawi is disturbing the "status quo" in the area. Nawi has received threats on his life from the settlers in the past. The chief of the investigations in the Hebron Israeli Police once admitted that what Nawi is doing in the area is "exposing the dirt laying under the rug..."

More info and letter here.

P.S. Recently I wrote to Congresswoman Yvette Clark about some crime or other that she was condoning. This is the full text of a letter that I received recently from Congresswoman Clark, sent on an electronic version of Congressional stationery:

August 14, 2009

Dear Friend:


Yvette D. Clarke
Member of Congress



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