Saturday, September 26, 2009


And yes, you did see that right. Four dudes in fatigues, presumably working for the government, drove down a public street in an unmarked sedan, got out, and kidnapped a US citizen.

As Lenin points out:

...when the 'Teabaggers' inspired by Glenn Beck turned out to protest over healthcare reform, they could bring a gun and cite the second amendment, without being harrassed. G20 protesters get beaten up and exposed to top notch military technology if they just cite the first amendment

Although personally I think this has less to do with the State's innate tendency to favor right over left politics, which certainly exists, than it simply illustrates the relative importance elites attach to the appearance of consensus on global trade agreements vs. the appearance of dissensus (is that a word?) onstage at Mystery Healthcare Theater 2009.

Even better news:

LRAD sound weapons used in Afghanistan and Iraq are now being used against peaceful American citizens on the streets of Pittsburgh by armed military troops.



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