Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Please sign this petition 

From Jane Hamsher and the FDL political action committee. They already have 45,000 signatures and were instrumental in consolidating the promise of many House reps to vote against any bill without a public option.

Tell Harry Reid: Stop the Silent Filibuster of a Public Option

At least one senator in the Democratic caucus is blocking a public option - but we don't know who. That's because Majority Leader Harry Reid is protecting any senator who wants to join a Republican filibuster of health care reform.

This isn't just wrong, it's deeply immoral. If a Democrat wants to filibuster a public option, make them do it in public.

Harry Reid can no longer allow members of the Democratic caucus to block a public option behind the closed doors of the Senate.

Sign our petition to Harry Reid: force the silent filibuster senators out into the open. It's time for a public count for the public option.

(Explanation: anytime you here some Dem talk about not having enough votes for the public option, they are hiding the truth. You don't need 60 votes in favor. You just need 50 votes AND 60 senators who will allow the up-or-down vote and not filibuster. There are 60 Dems. That overrides any Republican attempt to filibuster -- unless some Dem actually joins the filibuster. There are definitely 50 votes for a strong public option. But some Dems don't want to allow that up-or-down vote. Essentially they're filibustering, though Reid is hiding them by talking vaguely about needing more votes. Maybe -- likely -- even some of the senators who have said they would vote for the public option are actually secretly maneuvering to prevent the vote from coming to the floor.)


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