Wednesday, October 21, 2009

so let me get this straight 

So the current theory is that Obama lulls his corporate and political opposition into complacency by early capitulation, simultaneously firing up his base by appearing to betray them. All in hopes that the fired up base will be able to do an end-run around a befogged juggernaut in the last seconds of the game. At which point he can take credit with the populace for coming through on a campaign promise which benefits them, but avoid the wrath of corporate America by appearing to them to have been undermined by some commies in Congress. Not only getting some people some healthcare, but staying popular while further marginalizing his political opponents and keeping the corporate cash flowing into the campaign coffers?

Is that the theory?

What's Plan B if the base can't successfully outmaneuver in Congress? Declare victory anyway, keep the money coming in and the populace won't know they didn't get anything until 2012, too late for the next election?


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