Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama FAIL 

Today we heard Obama's Nobel speech, in which he gravely lectured the world about its moral obligation to acknowledge that it deserves American bombing, which should be received without childish resentment. Presumably the international community should welcome mass carnage in the same spirit as it ought to consent to the theft of a large portion of the world's wealth and resources by American bankers.

We also had it confirmed today that the entire process of legislating health care reform, from its beginnings last winter through this morning, was indeed a charade.

Also, I read this:

...the Obama administration has authorized the United States Army Corps of Engineers to design a vertical underground wall under the border between Egypt and Gaza.

In March, 2009 [after the IDF terrorist massacre of Gaza] the United States provided the government of Egypt with $32 million in March, 2009 for electronic surveillance and other security devices to prevent the movement of food, merchandise and weapons into Gaza. Now details are emerging about an underground steel wall that wil be 6-7 miles long and extend 55 feet straight down into the desert sand.

The steel wall will be made of super-strength steel put together in a jigsaw puzzle fashion. It will be bomb proof and can not be cut or melted. It will be "impenetrable," and reportedly will take 18 months to construct.

The steel wall is intended to cut the tunnels that go between Gaza and Egypt. The tunnels are the lifelines for Gaza since the international community agreed to a blockade of Gaza to collectively punish the citizens of Gaza for their having elected in Parliamentary elections in 2006 sufficient Hamas Parliamentarians that Hamas became the government of Gaza...

The underground steel wall is intended to strengthen international governmental efforts to imprison and starve the people of Gaza into submission so they will throw out the Hamas government.

...One more time, the American government and the Obama administration has been an active participant in the continued inhumane treatment of the people of Gaza and should be held accountable, along with Israel and Egypt for violations of human rights of the people of Gaza.

I can just hear the liberal response: how childish are these idealists! They do not know the cost of peace!

What a contemptible sanctimonious prick is Barack Obama.


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