Monday, December 21, 2009

probably a more sane perspective 

Justina, commenter at The Field says:

Having reviewed the proposed "Manager's " 385 page amendment to the Senate Finance Committee bill, I'm still not clear on its real impact for those 47 million uninsured and the 50 million who are under-insured. I trust Howard Dean when he says its represents an improvement. But clearly, we are still not yet close to providing affordable health care to all those who need it. Until we know whats in the final bill, we on the left need to keep yelling so that any further changes aren't just more gifts to the private insurers and the conservadems they've bought and paid for.

Logically, no one who cares about providing the broadest possible coverage at the lowest possible price should be shouting "Pass this Bill" or "Kill this Bill" until we have gotten the best possible deal in the final bill that we can.

We have one more shot if we can push for a conference committee to reconcile the best parts of House and Senate Manager's Amendment bills. At the conclusion of that process is the time to decide whether we should support passage, try to get the best parts passed through reconciliation or advocate killing the bill and starting over.

In the meantime, exposing the Democratic Party's sell-out to, and control by, corporate interests is extremely important to generate support for electing progressives to replace the "Blue Dog" conservadems and, hopefully, to remove the power of the DLC to further pervert the Democratic (and democratic) agenda.


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