Sunday, December 13, 2009

sunshineandponiesophagia II: Son of sunshineandponiesophagia 

Also good news:

GEORGE GOEHL: What we're trying to do is really organize around a set of ideas. And when we think a real successful movement would be more around an allegiance to ideas over party. And some of that'll contain protests. But it's really about a vision of what we want to create. Around a more fair and just economy. So, right now, I think a lot of the action is around banking reform. But I think we're building the foundation for a big movement around an economy that serves us all.


This is an incredible opportunity to turn a tragedy into something good. So, if we can get it together, and I really think is not about the Congress. This is not about the President. This is about the people watching this show and other Americans saying, 'Enough is enough.' And I'm going to move from my seat out into the streets, from fingers on a keyboard, boots on the ground, and get out there." Whether that means calling the Members of Congress. Whether it means organizing a little protest in front of a bank. Whether it means making a YouTube video and cutting up your credit cards and posting it and sending it out to your friends. If people get engaged, we can win this fight. And that's happening. There are actions planned all across the country in 25 states over through the end of the year. And then as next year comes around, you'll start to see more events like the showdown in Chicago.

A guilty admission: I've stupidly bought into the media-pimped notion that the Teabaggers are the Official Face of Popular Outrage at the Banks. In my defense, I'll say that I wasn't very wholehearted about it, I just hadn't heard of any good shit coming from the left. Bill Moyers, god bless him, shows it ain't so. The video is worth watching, although Heather Booth is a bit muddle-headed, a regrettable necessity in activist interviews. It will be a huge loss when Moyers does his last show soon.

Also of note, I learned from Doug Henwood's peerless radio show Behind the News, that Evo's re-election was by a huge margin and turnout and that Bolivia's economy is doing so well that even the IMF praised it. Venezuela meanwhile isn't looking as good. Which is further evidence to bolster my core belief that change is best when it's from the bottom up and not the top down. It isn't easy being this right all the time, people. But I do it because I care.

If you like radio, Behind the News as well as Chuck Mertz's show are the best things on the air. Sane speech. Very refreshing.


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