Friday, December 11, 2009

Tip #1 

Tiger has on the one hand played the typical celebrity-sacrifice game, offering an "apology" to people who deserve none: the media and its consumers. On the other, his choice to stop playing golf "indefinitely" is a brilliant fuck-you to this system's nihilistic insatiability. Thus: refuse to provide any further fodder to both informational revenue producers, gossip and sports industries alike, henceforth.

Had Obama any of Tiger's shamelessness or moxie (not, mind you, the libidinal fecklessness, which is indeed a good thing to lack), he would have realized long ago that a similar mechanism is in place to nail him one way or the other. He will never be tough enough or popular enough to not be embarrassed and toppled. Agency only lies the way of refusal; refusal to play along, to feed the monster that exists, to believe your own myth at our expense.


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