Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dharma bums 

I'm still not convinced Americans care about what blow-dried clowns on TV say about failed underwear bombs. However, clearly some 'mercans do care about some other very different meaningless bullshit:

The president of the United States apparently feels he needs the "Lost" voting bloc and therefore will not schedule his State of the Union address the same night that ABC had planned to air the two-hour season debut of the second-most-convoluted drama series in the history of TV.


"Lost" fanatics had their undies in a bunch Wednesday over news that the White House might push back the president's SOTU address to Feb. 2 to enable Obama to use a freshly signed health-care reform law as an audiovisual aid.

The State of the Union got pre-empted by Lost.

Granted, I'd planned to watch the Lost season premiere and not the SOTU regardless of time slottings for the simple reason that watching Lost will involve suspense, novelty and believable performances. Well, that and I've invested somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 hours of my life in that show, and don't have anything invested in Obama or the "Union".

Nevertheless, it's flat-out bonkers that:

1) People got upset about this.
2) The White House cared.
3) ABC couldn't just bump the show up an hour or a day or whatever.


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