Monday, February 08, 2010

Who dat? 

Something suspicious was underway last night at the Superbowl celebration-- a total whitewash of the now-celebratory image of New Orleans. First we had the white owner of the team, then the white coach, then the white quarterback-- and then... cut to commercial! Footage of a riotous New Orleans was inevitably focused on the Bourbon St., the fratty, white center of the city.

So the narrative being shoved down our throats is that the Saints are saving the city as the city is saving itself. Interesting, since it was precisely the Superdome that served as ground zero of government neglect-- murder, extermination?-- of the black population of that city during the worst week of the crisis.

What if the bloated spectacle of the Superbowl-- emblematized by the inflexible corpses of the Who twittering about on stage for the halftime show-- could be read somewhat differently: as the sickening triumph of the white and/or moneyed population of New Orleans, raising a glass to the successful displacement of the unwanted?


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