Thursday, March 25, 2010

a public service 

It took all day and all night, but I have finally done due diligence and read the entirety of the new healthcare bill. It turns out we were all wrong.

Basically once you get past the legerdemain, what it boils down to is that starting in 2011 ten uninsured families will be eligible for free health care for life courtesy of Uncle Sam. Said families to be chosen by National Lottery so do fill out your census forms. Each subsequent year will incorporate one additional American family into the system.

Thus passing the bill will indeed do some good which is better than no good. The bill is, therefore, good. In light of such facts, complaint and criticism have become churlish. Although it will of course take some time for the remainder of American families to reap the benefits, this is clearly and undeniably an important first step in a new and promising direction.

Now on to immigration reform! No doubt there will be much ink spilled about mass deportations and citizenship and "systemic overhaul" and what-have-you. I submit that when the dust finally settles, if we do nothing else than deport ten less immigrant families per year, we should nevertheless count ourselves victorious.


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