Wednesday, March 24, 2010


According to this handy-dandy little gizmo, starting in 2014 I will save $570 per year on health insurance.


Unfortunately said gizmo does not tell me if that insurance covers much. But whatever. $570!!

As someone who cares deeply about his own purity, starting in 2014 I'll donate $570 per year to PNHP or like organization.

Or maybe in four years I'll grow up and embrace pragmatism or seriousness or something, buy an iPad and donate $70 to the Obama campaign.

No doubt by that time, despite rising popularity, he'll somehow manage to be in the fight of his life against Palin and Joe the Plumber's bastard spawn. Only with my unwavering attention to the news cycle and diligent conversational support against Teabaggers and Chomskyites alike will he be able to pull out another squeaker and save us all from Retard Apocalypse once again.

Decisions, decisions. Mercifully, I've got four years to figure it out. Either way it's all win-win though. The future is bright!

(It should be noted that in 2014 we can fully expect Obama to be gearing up for his third term made possible by some Bloombergian machination involving an arcane reading of the commerce clause. Two-terming is for losers.)


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