Sunday, October 10, 2004

AmCop Turns 1 / Shitless (for now) Potomac 

In all the excitement I nearly failed to realize that today--yes, exactly today--is the one year anniversary of the founding of this blog, American Coprophagia, aka AmCop.

My first day of blogging, Friday, October 10, 2003, consisted of a post linking to Krugman's op-ed piece "Lessons in Civility," a parodic critique of the Democratic primary debate, and a contribution from speakingcorpse discussing why Californian men have a desire to be penetrated forcibly by "a large violent quasi-human male/robot figure."

It has been a fun year, and I thank everyone who has visited the blog, and especially everyone who has visited the blog and returned another day, and especially + those who have passed word of the blog along to friends, coworkers and relatives, and especially ++ those who have contributed posts, interesting links, and comments to the blog.

One year, and still not a goddamn spot on Atrios' goddamned blogroll, even though he has linked to AmCop twice in his posts. O well. We're still waiting, dude.

Yes, we are still a small blog by any standard. But our readership has increased steadily, and we now receive well over 100 distinct visits per day, far more than when we started out. Plus, a year is no small feat--as Atrios himself pointed out, most blogs tire and fizzle rather quickly after their high-ambition beginnings.

So, where are we now? AmCop will continue to exist at least through the election, after which all further need for human discourse will either be obviated, or renewed and re-energized. The country will be plunged in a permanent Dark Age, or save itself for at least one more decent try at democracy and a meaningful future. Until that time, AmCop will continue to comment on current developments in "news" and politics from a uniquely shit-eating and shit-spewing-oriented perspective.

Speaking of which--one of our readers expressed despair at my earlier post on voting chicanery in various states, and requested an uplifting and optimistic comment. So here it is:

Maryland, my home state, is back in the deep blue where it should be. That means, for now, the Potomac and River Falls neighborhoods of Montgomery County will not be sprayed with highly-pressurized liquid shit from a mobile hydraulic apparatus, as I have threatened to do here.

Just keep your eye on the ball, Maryland, and everyone stays dry.


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