Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nicholas Kristof: suicidal murderer 

I won't bother to link to the sublime atrocity perpetrated by Kristof on today's Times editorial page. You can't read it anyway, unless you have paid for "Times Select"--and why would you have done that?

The teaser given by the Times is: "It was wrong for prosecutors to cook up borderline indictments during the Clinton administration, and it would be just as wrong now in the C.I.A. leak case."

You get the "idea."

Nearly a year and a half ago (and how it pains me to write those words!) I issued a post called Nicholas Kristof: Suicide-Bomber. I asked why Kristof was criticizing Michael Moore when mass death (including Kristof's own) was so hair-raisingly imminent. My conclusion was that the columnist for the New York Times newspaper actively desired his own death and the death of everyone around him. That conclusion still applies, in spades.

Bush is probably convincing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Miers to launch a targeted nuclear strike on Alexandria, Virginia, and Kristof is talking about how Fitzgerald shouldn't bother trying to figure out what, if anything, has gone wrong, and who is responsible.

Given the fact that Kristof's newspaper has been made, by Judith Miller, a party to the conspiracy, one might wonder why this columnist for the New York Times seems not to care about it. But that seems to be a question that answers itself, right? Kristof, too, along with Keller and Sulzburger (obviously) must know that Miller was a White House Iraq Group propaganda plant. And the Times--if it can rightfully be called "alive"--would never be able to "live" that one down.

But what am I saying? Why flatter Kristof with these (relatively) high-minded motives? Why assume that he is smart enough to conceal, or even notice, the conspiracy? Just look at the SHIT he is spewing!


I don't know what to say. Kristof seems to be in the grip of the most reduced and automatic reflex functionings of the death-instinct: be killed, and kill.


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