Friday, December 21, 2007

Raymond Jackson '08 

Have other people also been getting the sense that the GOP field this season is missing that "perfect candidate"? I even had the sense that there was some specific person, who ought to be running, but isn't...yet I couldn't seem to put my finger on it, until, glancing through the AmCop archives, I came across this post from a little over three years ago:

Couple Accused of Starving Sons Speak Out

NEW YORK (AP) -- A couple charged with starving their four adopted sons contends the boys starved themselves, telling a magazine the oldest boy lied to authorities about conditions in the family's home.

Raymond and Vanessa Jackson broke their 13-month silence to talk with a reporter from New York magazine about the case. They are awaiting trial on charges of aggravated assault and child endangerment.

Raymond Jackson, 51, said the teen misled investigators.

``I know Bruce loves us,'' Raymond Jackson, 51, told the magazine for this week's issue. ``I know he does. But sometimes I think about how my life is completely turned around. And it's because he told a lie. He told a lie on me. He told a lie on us.''

The rest of the post covers young Bruce's singing, pageantry, and unprovoked habit of gnawing on wallboard.


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